Many people should be asking this... Well it's quite simple to explain.

People often buy cheap IoT devices and don't think about the risks that comes with the low price. Usually users are not buying the device, they're selling their personal information.

In eyeohtee.cheap we'll try to research security on cheap devices - wearables, cams, gadgets, toys, drones, etc... to provide a better overview of what are the risks an user can encounter.

We're not saying that other IoT devices are more secure. On our experience, when you pay $5 for a wearable in AliExpress you shouldn't expect that the device would pass for security assessments right?

The devices described on this blog will be always sponsored by individuals or companies. Its way of returning the contribution providing a link on the bottom of the post.

If you or your organization would like help, feel free to drop us a line on Twitter or email us - contact at davidsopas dot com. Usually sites allow users to buy coupons/gifts so that will be the best way to help out.

Lets make IoT awareness great again! :)