Donate to break

To keep this project running the authors need the community participation.


Aliexpress, Gearbest and even Amazon have gift coupons where organizations, or individuals, that would like to help this project could send to our email contact at davidsopas dot com. That way we prevent money donations or transfers because really it doesn't make any sense.

What we offer in return?

Besides having the name and link on the bottom of the device research, nothing more really. We can't even tell you how many hits the post will have because we don't use any type of analytics. So... in reality you're just helping out for IoT awareness.

We can't even offer a timeline because We'll test the device when we have spare time. One thing the authors can promise... We'll email you before the post goes live.

What devices are waiting for sponsorship?

  • Wearable - €6,46
  • Kids GPS wearable - €18,90
  • Spinner - €2,35
  • Wifi bulb - €9,11
  • Smart plug - €12,45
  • Tracker -  €6,66
  • Wearable phones - €10,61

All of the above are from

Any question feel free to contact us or DM on - Twitter.